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Magical Water Floating Marker

Magical Water Floating Marker

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Children love to doodle everywhere. With this 12pc Magical Water Floating Marker set, children can draw their favourite pictures and watch them come to life when placed in water. This amazing floating pen has a water-based design that makes it insoluble in water, and the drawn pictures can float freely on the water. Doodle your design, using the magic marker pens, on the back of a clean and dry ceramic or porcelain spoon. Slowly immerse the spoon into the water, wait until it floats completely, and then pull out the spoon. Voila, floating works of art. Plus, you can stick it on your hand to make a simple tattoo. These magical water painting pens are filled with certified ink and special low-odour formula that is harmless to kids. And water painting pens for kids not only do not leak ink but also dry quickly and write smoothly. The fun water pen can also be used as a dry erasing whiteboard marker and it's perfect for classrooms, offices and homes. A fun activity for kids and parents to do together.


Art is important for children as it attracts their attention and nurtures their curiosity. Research shows that art and craft activities develop brain capacity in early childhood. Children are able to express and communicate their own unique emotions, thoughts and experiences through drawings. It encourages creativity and imaginative thinking. Plus, grasping pencils, crayons, chalk and paintbrushes help children develop their fine motor muscles too!


  • 12pc
  • Bright and clear colours
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Inspire children's imagination and creativity
  • Develops cognitive, social-emotional and multisensory skills
  • Suitable for wooden boards, whiteboards, glass and drawing paper
  • Use at home, the office or at school
  • Spoon NOT included


  1. Prepare whiteboard markers, a basin of water, ceramic spoons and paper towels.
  2. Dry the water on the spoon, draw a pattern you like, and wait 3-5 seconds.
  3. Slowly put the tip of the spoon into the water. ...
  4. Let the spoon touch the water and there is a layer of film, and then slowly put it on the back.
  • This Floating marker in water is loads of fun! 
  • 12 Color Magical Water Painting Pen.
  • Colouring and drawing both help kids improve their fine motor skills. They also train the brain to focus.
  • Magical Floating Ink Pen, Erasing Whiteboard Marker, A Watercolor Pen That Can Float In The Water, Magical Water Painting Pens Kit Set For Kids. 
  • Your child will love drawing and creating with these Magical Water Painting Pen.
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