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Our Generation Doll Maricela

Our Generation Doll Maricela

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Best price Our Generation dolls.

Maricela has warm brown eyes and long, wavy dark hair with auburn highlights that’s fun to comb and style! She arrives wearing a pink tank top, a comfortable pleated beige skirt, and a lovely pink sweater to add a touch of glamour. Maricela is always ready to plan an exciting day. Take Maricela along on a shopping date to show her your cute new outfit, or get her ready for an afternoon BFF party before everyone arrives! All you need is your wonderful imagination to brighten up your playtime with Maricela!

Our Generation Classic 45cm Doll Maricela. Spend your next shopping spree with the Our Generation Doll Maricela! This  45cm beauty loves activities that make her feel her best!
Because there has never been a generation like us, we’re doing important things like collecting signatures for charities, spreading love to people around us, and caring for the world and all of the cool creatures that live in it. We are having the time of our lives and enjoying every minute of it. This is our time. This is our story.

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