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Bomb Disposal Expert & Hardwood Set

Bomb Disposal Expert & Hardwood Set

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TopBright Bomb Disposal Expert & Hardwood Deluxe Set

If you want to challenge more exciting games, this game is a good choice. Our wooden blocks stacking board game is more exciting. This fun board game, increase sound and light disassembly and timing button on these toys. Application of timing device enhances the sense of urgency and there are two modes with different difficulty levels and players can choose different modes. 

First, Turn on the base and timer button switch, stack the blocks, and select challenge mode. Then pull out one of the blocks and stack on the top of the building block tower, quickly press the timing button. Do it repeatedly till the blocks collapses during extraction, or triggers timeout, the game over. Lastly, the winner draws a penalty card, and the loser accepts the penalty according to the card content. You can also choose classic stacking game gameplay.

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